Now that you are in, let's get started. No need to reinvent the wheel. What we teach works. If you will follow these steps, your life will change in ways you never dreamed.


Kathy and I welcome you to what we feel is the greatest opportunity we have ever been a part of. PURE has the ability to affect people spiritually, emotionally, physically and yes, financially. There is no doubt in our minds that PURE will work. The key is you and the question, “Will you work it?”

Begin by committing yourself to these three words; SHOW! SHARE! CONNECT!

SHOW - Show the opportunity! Someone believed in you, now you believe in someone. If you will find just 2 to 4 people who will build this business, you can have a 6 figure income! Get excited! Excitement is contagious!

SHARE - Why are you involved? Your “Why” is what drives you. Your “Why” may be to quit a job, have extra income, help others, spend more time with your family. The larger your “Why”, the faster you will be on the road to it.

CONNECT - Leadership is here to help you. It is not important that you know every product or can explain the compensation plan right now. This will come natural l have questions just like you do right now. By connecting them with leadership, you are becoming a leader.

What are your first steps now that you have made the decision to join PURE?

Before you take your first step, sign up for the Pure Life Dreamers NEWSLETTER

1.     Print the Contact List pdf you were sent. Start writing down names of people you know. Don't prejudge. You never know who went to bed the night before praying desperately for health and wealth because they have neither. Don't be discouraged by no answers. Each no brings you one step closer to a yes!

2.     Go to PURELIFECHANGERS.COM and subscribe to Rachel Garcia's newsletter.

3.     Go to RACHELSPEAKS.NET Scroll down and watch the 2 videos “BEFORE inviting” and the video “Follow Up.” These are guidelines which work. Insert your personality, but don't reinvent a wheel which is proven to work.

4.     Download the PURE app from App Store or Google.

5.     Did you sign up for the NEWSLETTER on this page?

6.     For those on FaceBook. Rachel has a private FaceBook account. You can email Kathy at and she will invite you. An amazing resource for testimonies and to connect people interested is the public Facebook group CHANGING LIVES WITH PURE.

7.     ACTION TIME - Start making the calls. Do it by the book. Proven to work! You have two options in speaking to people. One is to set them up on the weekly call. The other is to SEND these two videos. We are suggesting the videos be sent immediately due to the rate of growth in the company. Simply cut and paste in an email or text after you have contacted the person.

Introduction video

Real testimonial  proof!!!!!!

Next is follow up. The sooner the better. Remember, connect to leadership. They have the answers, experience and proof that PURE works.

Now, go back to and Watch the videos over and over until they are a part of you. Understand that with the growth that is being experienced right now that even a video recorded a few months ago may be a bit out of date as methods may be changing slightly, but the business, the opportunity and the products remain constant yet growing.

Lastly. We are here for you. If we do not know the answer to a question we will connect with someone who does.


Mike and Kathy

Mike's contact info 828 200 9925

Kathy's contact info 828 349 2866 or 828 200 9109

P.S. As soon as you sponsor people, get involved in their lives. Help them. Make sure they are following the instructions above. The more you help them succeed the more they will help you succeed!