The following testimonials are from real people who are involved with PURE. Mike and Kathy personally know the people who have submitted stories and can attest to the integrity of each one.

I’m elated that Cindy cares enough about our health... and the health of others, that she would buy enough of this powerful product to be able to hand deliver it locally to those in need.

For her... the pain of rheumatoid arthritis since she was 18 years old...gone! in just two weeks!!!!! Joint pain ...gone.

For me...unbelievable stamina and energy. Thanks to the mocha Cafe and the Energy drink, I can work all day without running out of “fuel.”  P.M.

I just wanted to share a brief PURE testimony. We were down to visit my 74 ur old mother in law yesterday and she is running around like she's 10 yrs younger!

A month ago one of our friends (who happens to be her physical therapist) gave her some PURE products to try. And oh man have they changed Her life! She's walking around without her walker and was even able to play us a song on her piano (Which she hasn't been able to do in years due to RA). She told me that she has been able to come off of 2 of her medicines. PURE products really changing people's lives. B.S.

With Graduate Degrees in both Exercise Physiology and Health Policy (Preventive Health), I am no stranger to supplements and various "health regimens."  However, after decades of trying a variety of approaches and products of all kinds, it wasn't until I began utilizing PURE that my health and wellness actually truly changed.  Yes, REAL change, not the minor 'blip' of weight loss - but sustained, permanent changes in my energy level, ability to sleep and actual HEALTH (as verified via blood tests).  

 My challenges in finding the right products was compounded by my being an Orthodox Jew.  There are way too many products on the market that I cannot even consider due to Kashrut - kosher food laws.  Having been inspired to become a fully committed Jew at age 19, this has been my life for almost 3/4 of my time on this earth.   Having been a student of Rav Meir Kahane and having been deeply involved in Jewish activism (by age 20 I had already been arrested on three different continents), I am NOT the type to compromise my religious convictions/commitment - to take a product that I am not CERTAIN is kosher;  no matter how good a supplement is supposed to be.

 The PURE products are vegetarian - in other words - ALL plant based.  There are NO ingredients that aren't kosher and in the manufacturing process they do not come into contact with anything that would even been questionably not kosher.  And especially living in Israel - I would never think of bringing a product here, to the Chosen Land (let alone consuming one) that was not kosher.

 The PURE products have enhanced my health and have enabled me, as a Tour Guide to have the health and ability to sustain high levels of physical activity that I need to.  My personal battle with depression has been aided tremendously by several of the PURE products that I take daily.  The PURE products ARE kosher AND - they work!  My health is a living testimony to their efficacy.  


So far, I've lost about 10 pounds after the clease routine. Although I know its not really about the weight loss, but a nice side effect none the less.My blood suger has lowered to the point that I don't need the Type II meds near as much. We do have a much better sustained energy thoughout the day as well. C.W.

I signed up last night with a company called PURE and I wanted to write a “before” testimony while it still is before. I really don’t know if their products are going to work for me, so this is a complete step of faith.

My story spans 22+ years of chronic Lyme Disease, but I will keep this as brief as possible. We started in the mainstream medicine world, then moved to alternative treatments. You name it, we have done it. A few things saved my life along the way, but none ever improved my quality of life for very long and as of right now, I’m worse than ever.

I am largely reliant on a wheelchair because of severe knee joint pain. I have widespread pain and inflammation. I don’t sleep without supplements and even when I do, restless leg syndrome interrupts my night. Hot flashes, brain fog, blurry vision, insomnia, restless legs, skin breakouts, rashes, migraines, joint pain, muscle pain, edema, left arm barely works… have I forgotten anything? Probably.

My order went in today and I am hoping desperately that it gets here soon, because this is one of my worst days ever. I’m so very weak and everything hurts at such high levels of pain. Even my voice is weak.

DAY 1: I think it’s safe to say this stuff is working! I have high energy and lower pain levels. I’m getting housework done for the first time in a year or more. I’m having trouble slowing myself down! My husband came in and saw me standing up, folding laundry, and said, “What is happening?!” I also spent half an hour on the riding lawn mower.

DAY 2: 

I woke up this morning in pain and thought I’d be paying dearly for yesterday’s activity. I took an ounce of GoYin and started drinking the sulfur in warm water. About halfway through it, the pain just melted away and I am as active today as I was yesterday. This stuff is amazing!! I can’t thank the Lord enough for this life-changing company! (Just to be clear, I'm taking more products than those two.)


I wanted to tell everyone about my story of having neuropathy in my feet for 10 years, and now having feelings and sensations in my feet after being on the PURE products for only a month! Our friends T and D told us about this amazing product and how it has helped them. I am a diabetic, have hypertension and high cholesterol. I was first given samples by our friends for just a weekend and I felt energized. My husband has had four knee surgeries from football and has aches and pains from it. He was given mangosteen and organic sulfur for a weekend and felt less tension. MC came and spoke to us at T and D‘s about the benefits of the five products. We were graciously blessed by our friends with the entire package of five. I was overwhelmed and speechless to receive such an incredible and precious gift of health!  I started right away and started taking all the super fruit products. (Gigi, Noni, Açaí, Mangosteen, Goyin, Daily Build, and Calcium). I personally like the flavors of Goyin and Calcium. I always once a month treat myself with a one hour massage. The masseur knows I have neuropathy. Well in one of her sessions, she pressed on my foot and I jumped. She and I were both surprised because I haven’t had feelings in my feet for 10 years!  She tested my feet by applying light and hard pressure on both feet with my eyes closed to see if I could identify it. Surprisingly, YES!!!  I made an appointment with my podiatrist to confirm that I have been getting feeling back in my feet and he is puzzled. I told him it’s because of the products of PURE!  I called my friend and told her the good news and cried for this incredible and priceless gift of health!

I wanted to share about something that some of you may not have ever heard of but if it helps someone it is well worth it. I have occasional esophageal spasms. Esophageal spasms are painful contractions within the esophagus and can prevent food and liquids from traveling through the esophagus. They cause sudden, severe chest pain that lasts from a few minutes to hours. Some people actully go to the emergency room when they experience this for the first time because they think they are having a heart attack. Mine are caused by dairy products (cheese) as that is typically the only dairy I still eat. I don't consume it often and since the spasms do not occur every time I still chance it once in a while. Tonight I felt the spasms begin and thought of something Rachel said at a meeting earlier this week about Noni. I immediatly drank 1 oz of Noni and the pain began to subside within a minute. I drank a 2nd oz and the spasms went away!!!! I may not like the taste right now, but it is a staple in my house from now on and I plan to acquire a taste for it!!! R.S.

"My wife just completing the 7 day detox cleanse.  It has been a huge change in both of us physically.  Briefly, am a 30 yr retired deputy sheriff who has been active until experiencing knee swelling, then ankles etc.  It happened 8 years,ago and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I had to go on steroids and drugs and have continued to see strength and energy slowly dwindle for past 8 years.  I am now approaching 72 yrs old.

I experienced a boost of energy even from the first day.  I even helped a 16 yr old drag a 200 lb deer up a hill behind our house the first day without losing much energy.  I also stopped night sweats the 2nd night and by the 3rd day, was feeling my knee and ankle pains were relieved.  I also was losing about 2 lbs a day which was surprising.  Now, starting the 7th day of cleanse, I feel much younger, full of energy and stamina.  I shoveled the snow out of driveway which in past took several trips with rest breaks to get it done.  Also brought full wheelbarrow full of firewood to house after snow shoveling.

WOW, I won't want to get off this product.  Feeling revitalized.

My wife on the other hand is my age and recently began experiencing severe sciatic nerve pains running down her right leg. This led to MRI which revealed she has 4 am cysts in lower back next to spine.  One looks to be pinching nerve causing bolts of pain.  She has been on drugs, physical therapy and had one injection in back that seemed to help some but still was having back pain.

Since taking the 7 day detox she has experienced much less back pain as well as much more energy.  She also stopped night,sweats on day 2 or 3.  We are both delighted and thankful for our improved physical health.  Funny thing now is, we usually go to bed at 8PM and get up at 6AM or so but this morning we both were up at 4 and wide awake.

Might have to stay up a little later because of the extra energy." D.F.

"In the last 16 days I have seen a tremendous change in my health.  I have lost 17 lbs, almost all of the aches and pains in my body have gone away, I have more energy, and I have a better outlook on life.  Depression, discouragement, anger and mood swings have completely lifted.  I don’t crave the foods I used to, and instead of the brain fog and sluggishness I’ve been accustomed to for years I now have mental clarity, focus and amazing amounts of energy.  I used to have lockjaw/TMJ but now I can open my mouth and actually yawn for the first time in a couple years.  My teeth are stronger and without pain, and my shoulder no longer goes numb every night while I sleep.  I am getting the best sleep for as far back as I can remember and my mind no longer races at night.  Lastly, my dizzy spells and feeling off balance are gone." J.B.

"We are so thankful for all the positive changes in our health & finances and for the personal growth we are experiencing!" A.T.

"I have had Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lone Star Tick Disease for about six years.  I have tried a host of products and procedures, done lots of research, and seen a number of doctors in attempts to drive these diseases in to remission. When my oldest daughter also got these diseases, that really kicked in my research in to overdrive desperately trying to find something to help us.  It was like we were holding on by our fingernails trying to keep from getting worse and still loosing ground.  My pain level was off the charts at times.  We both can point to the day we started getting better, it was the day we as a family started trying to keep the Sabbath 3 years ago.  We both got better, but we still could not drive these diseases totally in to remission.  I have only been on the PURE products a little over 4 weeks and my body is telling me these diseases have finally been driven at least in to remission, and I have lost 17 lbs in that period of time!  It feels great to feel good again!!  I had been feeling older than my age and now I feel younger than my age.  I feel stronger in my workouts at the gym where for a long time I have been trying to keep from becoming weaker. My whitewater kayaking has kicked back up a gear." M.H.

"I have been taking PURE products for over two months now. I was skeptical at first, but when I began to feel better in the first few days, I was sold. Mental clarity, energy, sleeping well and benefits which should not be discussed in a family forum are amazing!" C.N.

"Wanting to share what’s up with me lately - amazing transitions are in the works. Consistent improvement as aches and pains in my body are dissipating, digestive issues I have suffered from for years now, are clearing up and I have a better outlook on life. My sleep is improved and my mind no longer races to and fro at night. I don’t crave the foods I used to, especially sugar and am finding it easier to stick with my daily health regimen. I have lost 20 lbs and 4 inches in waist/hips each, in 2 months time. Depression, and mood swings are lifting. I have a new mental clarity and focus, that had been lessening for years - No more brain fog!

This business opportunity was the answer to prayer for me. Within 10 minute of crying out to the Father for help, this opportunity fell into my lap from my sponsor who was at the same moment, clear across the country, praying for the Father to show them who to share this blessing with next.  I did not have the money and did not know where it would come from, but asked the Father, to open a door, if this was what I was to do. Within 24 hours, the funds became available and I have not looked back.  I have only been working it for a short time, but with the confidence that I was following HIS leading, I plowed ahead and  I jumped from the rank of bronze to platinum all in the same week. You will find my name on the list of DIAMOND’S  in the next few months, God willing." C.M.

"The 360 Complete shake with Mila and some of the superfruits makes a simple awesome breakfast!" S.M.

"I have an auto immune thyroid disease and while medication is helpful there was health challenges associated with my diagnosis, not resolved with the medication like chronic fatigue, achey joints, a slow digestive system and a need for immune support. I started taking organic sulfur, the multivitamin, colldiol silver, cleanse, the probiotic every day and the flavored engergy powders when I need it. These products have tremendously helped me manage my health and the side affects from a thyroid disease that my medication won't help with. I lead a very busy lifestyle with alot of demands put on me and I feel like I finally have hope! I love that everything is plant based." J.F.

"I am absolutely amazed at the amount of energy I am experiencing. We get so used to running on empty, we forget what having extra energy feels like – I agree with Rachel, they really should name the energy product FOCUS – because it really goes beyond just extra energy. Look out world, cuz here I come.

 After completing the 7 day detox program, I was amazed when I tested the PURE products against all the other vitamins & nutrients I have been using over the last 25+ years.  I tested negative for every single one of them. The nutrients I was getting from the PURE products was so complete, my body needed nothing else. Really amazed at this result.

 I am thrilled not only with the PURE products, but the business opportunity as well.  I Invested in the 30 share pack and not only recouped my entire initial investment within 45 days, but had          actually, earned over 5K in under 60 days.

 Best decision I have made in a while. Making money, feeling great and loving the people involved with this company." C.M.

"I quit my part time job when I realized I was making more money working from Home!" R.D

"The liquid Calcium/Mag has overnight cured my digestive issue!"  R.D.

"My husband and I had  been praying for about a year for two things, a way for him to be able to retire and a way to get off all my meds ( some days 20 a day) that had severe side effects and didn't always work. I am on disability for many things including three types of arthritis.  Been dealing with arthritis since 2005 which worsened after breast cancer in 2009.RA, osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis along with fibromyalgia were the cause of my 30 plus years of  dental and orthodontic career coming to an end. The pain in my neck , hands and knees became unbearable at times. To make a long story short after years of medicine trial and error we found the "right " pill combination for me which for the most part gave me good days.  Many years later and side effect problems and issues rising up I started looking for natural remedies.  Oils, different foods etc.. with not much success. Then one day a good friend told me about some product she was trying for her long time issues, and to tell you the truth I didn't want to hear about it.  But she said she was feeling better, and this is a woman who I have watched suffer for years with undiagnosed pain, and that was enough to make me want to find out more about it. And after watching the video with my husband, who said this is an answer to both of our prayers, we came in. Hallelujah, that was September of this year. As of now I am pill free. I take only my pure products and feel better then I felt in years. And we are working on being able to retire in 2 years when my husband turns 65. God's timing is perfect. We love our PURE. " C.S.

"I had been stagnated at around 175 lbs plus or minus several pounds for several years (I am 5 ft 7 inches & 56 years old).  I exercised on a regular basis, but could not get the weight off.  In September, 2018, I joined PURE and completed the one week detox.  I was able to get down to 161 lbs that week! Subsequently, I have lost 6 more pounds - down to my college weight.  I feel that I am the healthiest that I have been for over 25 years." B.S.

"On my detox in September, I was able to loose 12 lbs during the detox week.  I felt that my body had a good metabolic reset that week.  I have lost a  total of 16 lbs and feel that I am on the road to better health." R.S

"When I started cardiac rehab I was really struggling.  I had been on restricted activity after having a heart attack.  I saw that the GPS products are for athletes and people who work out, so I decided to try them.  Wow! What a difference.  I go to rehab, do my 45 minute workout and walk out feeling great.  No more huffing and puffing and practically crawling out to the car.  These products really work.  I would recommend them for anyone who needs a boost when working out.  They are also recommended for the heart.  I saw my cardiologist a week ago and he says everything looks great and he wants to see me in A YEAR!  Yay!" L.W.

"When Mike first presented the PURE business opportunity to me i knew within minutes that it was what i'd be doing next. Inspired by a book on entrepreneurship in january 2012, i’d been praying for the Father's leading on how to bring in an extra income. Owning a business became a dream that really took hold of my heart and thoughts, but with other responsibilities pressing me, the “how” eluded me. Still, the dream got even more traction, so when i understood all that was included in the PURE opportunity saying yes was easy.

Almost as soon as i had access to the products in my 30 share pack i began a 28 day Detox. You see, my other dream, the one that had almost faded, was to loose a LOT of weight and regain a seemingly elusive wellness and strength. While i had no screaming issues and was not on any meds, there were signs that i would need to get on that path if i didn’t make some drastic turn arounds.

The Detox results blew me away. So happy to get started that i’d not weighed myself, or taken my measurements, i realized my tight slacks were getting baggy. I had energy to burn! My craving for those once wondrous half-salt potato chips flew away and raw celery was PUREly mouthwatering! When i finally weighed myself five days into the Detox i was 241 pounds and getting into clothes that had been put away for years. Mostly, though, boggled by the fat melt, i felt like a wax lady in a fire at a Madame Tussaud museum! P.R.

The morning after my 28 day Detox i weighed 228 pounds (a good guess for a total weight loss might be 17 pounds?) and while i’ve still never taken any measurements i am wildly thankful to The King. AND, i know i can do anything He has for me to do - INCLUDING SUCCESS in this business, after all, my Boss is the Best!" P.R

"My husband & I are on day 7 of the Detox cleanse. Since Pure whole raw foods, I've experienced more energy & focus, creativity. I have less inflammation and lost some stubborn weight. Praise Yah!" D.C.

"My husband and I have 10 children. We run a landscape business, a small ministry, and homeschool. I am 38 and just gave birth to twins in August. For the past 4 years my energy level had decreased so dramatically and I was having terrible muscle weakness and inflammation and muscle stiffness. I found out I had adrenal exhaustion and my body was toxic. I guess working from 6 am til 2 am and coffee, cokes, and peanut butter crackers for meals was not cutting it. lol   I am so inspired about life, I have so much to do, so many responsibilities and so many ideas (plus I want my children to wake up to a clean house every day) But I was getting depressed because my body was not keeping up with my mind. I was running a retail nursery which was so good for the kids, but sadly I had to stop doing that. I have been on the Pure program for a month now and after the third day I started to really notice a difference in the way I was feeling! Now I am bounding out of bed feeling strong and moveable. I am so excited about my mental clarity- I have noticed a drop in my feelings of irritation, or like generally being overwhelmed mentally.  The really exciting thing to me is that I have had a terrible addiction to coffee, and I have been telling my kids how many days I have gone without it- I don't even want it!! I mean, coffee was my first thing. So, like everything, the ripple effect has been; I'm not hurting, I have loads more patience and smiling more- this has effected my children, causing them to feel happier. I'm a much better mom. This is lifechanging for moms who need to be there emotionally for their kids!" M.V.

"Since I have started PURE 2 months ago I have come off my sleeping pill, cholesterol is much improved, off blood pressure meds, I no longer have restless leg syndrome.  In addition, I had chronic back pain due to osteoarthritis  in my back.  I say had because I no longer have to take any pain meds at all.  Not even a Tylenol!  I also have received several complements on my skin and hair.  PURE is purely a blessing!" L.C.

"The main part of my story and testimony about PURE is a common one like many others. I have suffered many years with back pain, primarily because of injuries and or "episodes" starting over 35 years ago. I have tried many treatments over the years with minimal and temporary relief. After 1 to 2 weeks of using the pure products, specifically organic sulfur and mangosteen, my pain has been reduced around 70 to 80 percent. What a difference! Along with using some of the other products, I am sleeping much better, have more energy and feel better than I have in many years! I will be entering a new decade soon (60s) and actually looking forward to it instead of dreading it. I am also going back to the gym starting in January. Thanks PURE!" T.W.

"We have been taking Pure products for not quite 3 months.  John used to take Tums like they were candy.  He stopped taking those almost immediately.  And, everybody laughs about all the energy he has (he is 69 years old).  He takes our grand kids on hikes all the time and he cuts and stacks firewood.  I have to admit, he does use a log splitter. lol  Also, this might sound silly, but his posture has really improved.  He stands up much straighter now.  As for me, all pain from arthritis is gone.  I was in a car accident over 25 years ago and the Dr. told me to just be prepared for back pain from arthritis.  He was right and I just figured...oh well.  But, I didn't figure on Pure!!  No more back pain either.  I sleep better than I ever did (and I thought I slept well).  I heard about brain fog and thought ...not me.  Wrong!  Just 1 Energy and I was more focused. Just for your personal information, as for the cancer, so far it is holding at bay.  I am just waiting for the word that it is gone. " J.D.

The testimonies are growing daily. What could yours be?

You will never know without trying.


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